Finish with the Fraud Effect

The Self Doubt Showdown

Ever have the feeling you’re a fraud waiting to be found out?

In this workshop we unravel the machine of self doubt and why we all experience it. 

It’s known as the imposter syndrome, and it’s often experienced by very capable people.

Whether you’re a CEO or a junior starting out feeling like a fraud happens to us all.

Learn powerful techniques to grow beyond Self Doubt in your career and in life.

Why this is important

If there is one thing that stands in the way of your career goals it’s this… Self Doubt.

Whether you want to get the best from your team or you know you’re limiting your own potential, the Self Doubt Showdown will equip you with the tools to work with Self Doubt as it arises.

What we learn.

  • The mechanics of Self Doubt
  • How to work with the critical voice in your head
  • Finding feedback in failure
  • The power of language
  • 10 instantly usable tools for working with Self Doubt in the moment.


I haven’t stopped telling friends and family about my wonderful experience participating in the self doubt workshop. I was moved beyond what I believed possible and learnt valuable life skills in tackling my inner critic. I am excited to put into practice some of the nine tools in the tool belt we were shown. Sarah was warm and inspiring, her passion for helping people was evident through out the workshop.


The Self Doubt Showdown
Hands On. Interactive Learning

Available in 2 hour , 1/2, or Full day format.

Full documentation provided.

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