I craft custom content based on your business or education providers needs.
Here are some recent collaborations and projects I’ve worked on to get you started on how we can create together.

The Self Doubt Showdown

Ever have the feeling you’re a fraud
waiting to be found out?

In this workshop we unravel the machine of self doubt and why we all experience it. It’s known as the imposter syndrome, and it’s often experienced by very capable people. Learn powerful techniques to grow beyond Self Doubt in your career and in life. Whether you want to get the best from your team or you know you’re limiting your own potential, The Self Doubt Showdown will equip you with the tools to work with self doubt as it arises.

Digital Leadership & Brand

In partnership with Digital Native

Digital is the age we live in and it affects every touchpoint of your business. In partnership with strategy consultancy Digital Native, we create full day or session based workshops that cover your businesses digital landscape from your audience reach to future innovations.

Ideaction - Design Thinking

Inspiring Ideas to Action

Idea generation is too important to leave to throwing around a table. To become innovators we need to create an environment that allows for fresh thinking and open sharing.

A fun hands on workshop to inspire your team to better ideas. Welcome to the ideas economy. Where no industry is immune to disruption and the survival of your business is dependent on the creativity and innovation of your people. In a unique blend of Psychology, Design Thinking & Game Storming …we use your real world challenges to Generate, Document and Roadmap ideas from inception to activation.

Panel Discussions

Panel host, interviewer and panelist

Available for panel discussions covering a broad range of topics from Tech, the future of career, emotional intelligence and brand. I also have experience hosting, conducting and mediating panel discussions between panellists and audience members.

Career Shift Bootcamp

A full day workshop to discover purpose and passion

Using the powerful tool of ‘Design Thinking’ to roadmap a career you love to tap into purpose and passion and learn to work with the resistance that comes your way when you follow your dreams.

If you have ever asked yourself the questions ‘What am I really meant to be doing?’ then this workshop is for you.

Bridging the Gap

Bridging the gap teaches the tools for clear communication that celebrates our differences and empowers deeper understanding for diverse teams. 
Based on the key ideas

  • There are differences in communication and leadership styles between Masculine and Feminine.
  • Understanding these differences gives us a map to collaborate and leverage the strengths of diverse teams.
  • Understanding relationships in the workplace enhance our relationships everywhere &
  • When we move from competition to collaboration we grow our creativity and innovation.

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I craft content on topics from Digital Leadership, Communication and Overcoming Self Doubt as a Leader.
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