Hey I’m Sarah

I facilitate workshops that make a difference at work (and in life).

I blend life design concepts with techy stuff like software methodology; borrowing tools from Design Thinking, UX and Agile.

I taught myself to code

..Using a textbook and a cheap laptop.

This was enough to craft a portfolio and launch myself into the world of advertising. Flash forward 10 years and I’ve been everything from a Designer, Coder, Senior Producer and Business Analyst. I’ve had the fortune to work with brands from Movember to MONA.

…I have a degree in Politics and Economics which has never been used; except for dinner party conversation.


Now I blend workshop facilitation
with tech & design.

I bring a unique blend of strengths, emotional intelligence and mindfulness coaching with business strategy and tech methodologies.

This is cool because designing software is the same as designing a business, career, or a relationship. It requires empathy, teamwork, documentation and a roadmap.
You need to build in flexibility as the vision changes.

and.. officially.

Sarah is a speaker and workshop facilitator on a mission to inspire individuals and organisations towards their purpose and authentic goals.

A Coach and Certified Trainer Sarah has a 10-year digital background spanning Advertising, Tech and Media having worked with household brands from the Arts, Not for Profit, Corporate and Tech.

Sarah works with tools of mindfulness, VIA Strengths, NLP, design & software methodologies, human motivation and Design Thinking.

Based in Sydney Australia Sarah teaches Tech, Leadership and Emotional Resilience for learning orgnaisations, new breed educators and wide-ranging professional organisation and companies.

Have something you would like me to teach?

I craft content on topics from Digital Leadership, Communication and Overcoming Self Doubt as a Leader.
Drop me a line.

Sarah Cole
0423 961 559
Sydney, Australia