weird ways

Do ideas just happen to us or can we influence our behaviour and environment to attract them?

Here are 5 weird ways you probably haven’t thought of to do just that.

1. Think in a T Shape.

T shaped knowledge means that you blend a broad range of specialities, diving deep on only one or two as the anchor.

In the ideas economy, people who are T-shaped in their experience are highly sought after, as creativity becomes a valuable commodity. This requires being Multidisciplinary, drawing on ideas outside of your field.

The more diverse the fields you pull from the more you flex your creative capacity. Say you are a structural engineer; you might look to biology to inform your design process.

At first it can be tricky to find parallels but blending topics and genres can create an incredible fusion process for idea generation.


  • Research from multiple fields.
  • Pick one or two fields that you want to dive deep into as your anchor.
  • Network with people outside of your field
  • Be mindful of confirmation bias

2. notice the everyday creative

Creativity is not just for artists, every one of us has hundreds of creative moments each day.

Whether you have to balance a career with family or you’re deciding your next move; you are calling upon the very concept of creativity.… The use of imagination to create something new.

The more you notice the small acts of creativity in your life them more you define the muscle through focused awareness.

Creativity never runs out, the more you use the more you get.

Creativity  –
The use of imagination to make something new

How to notice creativity

  • Give your ideas space; no matter how ridiculous they are. Hear them out even if it’s only in your head
  • Notice how creative your everyday activities can be
  • Break out of routine, even if it’s a small pattern break (New coffee shop?)
  • Do a creativity audit. Jot down every time you had to use imagination to create something new.

3. Eat Brainfood

(for me that means fat)

Please do your own research on this one as there is a huge range of conflicting info, but my personal experience is my brain works better when my diet includes healthy fats like coconut oil, butter, olive oil, avocados and oily fish (not to mention my hair!).

The brain is the fattest organ in the body with around 30% of our energy being directed to its operation so you need to keep it well fed to stop the food coma brain fog.

4. Sleep better

We all know what it feels like to be running on little sleep, our capacity for clear thinking is severely limited. While we can’t always guarantee a solid 8 hours, it’s important that the sleep you are getting is of high quality.

One of the best tips for sleep quality is turning off any blue light devices a minimum of 2 hours before bedtime. If you have to work at a screen then download the app f.lux to minimise blue light exposure.

5. Take a punt.

Did you know Dr Seuss wrote Green Eggs and Ham because his publisher bet him he couldn’t write an entertaining childrens book using exactly 50 words?

Sometimes a unique challenge can be the exact push you need to break the creativity barrier. Surprisingly boundaries are creativity generators. Everyone knows the night before the deadline is a breeding ground for ideas that were nowhere when you had plenty of time.

Use artificial barriers like timelines, word limits or budgets to see where you can push the limits of your creativity.