Your Life

3 year vision . 12 month plan


Your Life

3 year vision . 12 month plan

A strategic mix

of online & in-person coaching help you design a life that leverages your strengths, aligns with your values and reflects your deepest potential; with a focus on discovery and action.

The Goal:
To define a 3 year vision and a 12 month Actionable RoadMap.

Who is it for?

Anyone looking for clarity in their work and life.

How it works

6 + hours of Coaching & Resources. Online and in-person.

  • Connector.

    Tactical Foundations Online

    5 powerful online modules to set the foundations for your in-person session.

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    Your in-person session with Sarah

    A 2 hour private in person session with Sarah to clarify your 3 year vision and 12 month RoadMap of action. (CBD or Double Bay location available. Sydney only)

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    The Focus Formula

    2 Bonus online modules designed to keep you focused and on track.


The Tactical Foundations is the perfect setup for our in-person session. Designed to kick off your deep dive into the 3 year vision and 12 month Roadmap, each module includes a digitally editable worksheet.

Tactical Foundations Overview

  • Connector.

    Define the challenge

    Discover the power of a well defined problem

  • Connector.

    Know your strengths

    Get humble with a hint of Kanye

  • Connector.

    Living Values

    Use your values as your decision making compass

  • Connector.

    Your unique experience

    Leverage your rare and valuable

  • Connector.

    The 3 most important questions

    Use these 3 questions for authentic goal setting


The in person session is 2 hours with Sarah, to discuss your unique challenges. It’s an open forum to find clarity and a life and career that moves you.


Sessions are held in private meeting rooms in the Sydney CBD or Double Bay.

In person session : What we cover

Discuss your Tactical Foundations findings & insights

Brainstorm a 3 year vision

Define your 12 month Roadmap of powerful action

Map the resources you need. Investigate meta learning + How to replicate to accelerate.

Define obstacles and challenges + How to mitigate risk

3. Bonus Content

To keep you in the zone after our Session has finished, I’m gifting you 2 bonus modules.
Bonus content will be available after your session.

Design A life board

Turn your vision into life boards to leverage the power of subconscious focus.

The Focus Formula

Learn the best way to do quarterly self check-ins with standups.

RoadMap Your Life

tactical Sessions.

1. Tactical Foundations

Interactive &

2. In-person

With Sarah

3. Focus

Tools to stay on track


Sarah was inspiring and generous with sharing her experience and life journey, which I really appreciated. The workshop was practical and really hands on and it helped me to work out realistic next steps and what I can do to step up in my life. Loads of laughs and wonderful exchange of experiences and ideas – what’s not to love? I walked away feeling incredibly inspired and motivated


Where are the private sessions held?

The 2 hour in-person sessions with Sarah are held in private meeting rooms in the Sydney CBD or Double Bay.

Your welcome email will contain your full session details.

What’s your availability?

The best way to book in your session is to send me an email, we’ll organise a time to chat and we take it from there.

Is the tactical session only about work?

In my (humble) opinion, there is no separation between work and life; it’s all life! There is however a core focus on work, career & business from a life design approach.

How do I make this happen

Drop me an email and we’ll make a time to have a chat, we can discuss your goals, what you feel is right for you and if you feel to move forward, we can lock in a session time.

drop me a line, let’s chat

I reply promptly.


Tactical Session Investment : $375

This includes 2 hours in person time + Over 4 hours interactive online coaching and resources.

take action – make it happen.

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