Workshops & Coaching for SELF + KNOWLEDGE

I help people find the clarity that comes from knowing who they are & what they want in workshops and coaching Australia wide.

It’s time to find answers to the BIG questions;
What do you want to do?
What do you care about?
What do you REALLY want?

My passion is to guide you to your path of Self Knowledge in a way that is fun, practical and game changing.

You can learn about my workshops here, & my coaching sessions here.


MON 12 SEPTEMBER 5.15pm – 6.15pm
General Assembly

Do you feel stuck in a career you no longer love?
Do you long to do meaningful work but are not sure what it might be?
Are you ready to find the career of your dreams, but don’t see a clear path forward? If you answer yes to one of these questions, then this class is for you! Find out more

With thanks

“Sarah’s simple & intelligent techniques give you accelerated spiritual insight”

Just a few sessions are worth years of trying to do this work on your own. She has helped me to peel away some of the layers of my ego and connect with my inner truth. This is truly powerful work and a must for anybody on the voyage of self-realisation.I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough.

/ CRAWF ~ Barefoot Yoga

“Nothing has been as immediately accessible and powerful as these sessions.”

Sarah is incredible. I’ve done various workshops, retreats, and counseling – and nothing has been as immediately accessible and powerful as these sessions.


“It’s truly amazing how good and different I feel”

After the sessions with Sarah it’s truly amazing how good and different I feel, I would have never thought it possible . All these subtle and not so subtle things are happening daily that keep me excited and in wonderment. I really look forward to the future now as I have a taste as how I can be in it. Everything is starting to look and feel very bright.


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